Why look for a a personal Holistic Health & Nutrition Advisor?

The reasons are many and varied. Not only do we work on health & nutrition, we also help find that work-life balance to get your stress levels back under manageable control. These are some of the concerns my clients have come to health coaching with in the past:

Don’t know what to expect?

It’s easy! We talk about your goals and build a personalized plan to achieve those goals. You get access to an online portal to keep track of your goals, any files I send, etc. Our clients love the ease of use and the ability to stay in touch.

You also join an exclusive FaceBook Group that offers daily motivation not only from our coaches, but our clients AND coaches from around the world.

We meet either in person on online via Skype, cell or Google Hangout! Whatever the easiest method of communication is for you.

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So many challenges I’ve heard through the years…

I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and it just keeps coming back.

I’ve had a heart attack, now I’m on all these medicines and I want to take responsibility for my own health, not only relying on the doctors who have so many patients to take care of.

My energy levels are low. I want to sleep all the time. I don’t have energy to do anything active after work.

My cholesterol is high, and I want to find natural ways to lower it.

I am so stressed out. I can’t get my brain to shut down.

I’m hard on my body. I train hard and need better recovery and recovery times.

I can’t get my blood pressure under control.

I can’t seem to get myself organized for home or work. All I do is procrastinate.

I’m pre-diabetic, but I don’t want to take the medicines.

I spend more money on allergy medicine, and it just doesn’t seem to be working.