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A page dedicated to all the times I get to meet cool writers and authors from all around the world.

Now, off to find the other pictures of authors I’ve met and hung out with…JA Konrath….Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson, Ingrid King (we need to get a picture together), Gwen, Graylin, Tina, Jen, Elizabeth, Heidi, and everyone else I can’t remember at the moment….you’ll be added soon!

Hmmm, a few more!

Dinner with Erica

JA Konrath & I swapping stories over Jack Daniels

JT Bock – Amazing Critique Partner!

We started chatting via Twitter and then, she was nearby visiting for a week. Well, nearby being Baltimore, but I made plans and headed up there. Ever so glad I did. Not only has Deb been a guiding force in my query writing, but a great friend reaching out to cheer me on when I needed it.

I love her sense of humor, her Subliminal Monday (SM) posts, and her style. We bonded immediately.

Deb writes YA and women’s fiction writer.

Check her out her blog (funniest ever) at:

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She’s been frantically reworking a YA and just switched it from 3rd person to 1st person. And, she cohosts #yalitchat on Twitter Wednesday nights at 9PM EST!

Seriously, go follow her, she’s a lot of fun. We talked music, writing, agents, family, and cats…good lord, she’s got CATS! We commiserated over the #snowpocalypse of 2010 on the East Coast. I’ve offered up my strong round house kicks to set people right and guidance as the Holistic Health Coach on all sorts of things.

I check her blog posts via Google Reader religiously and will definitely be buying and promoting anything she writes. (She’s just THAT good.)

Bill was here for a few days, in the local area visiting from CA, promoting his new book, The Dark Province. My *new* copy is sitting here on my desk, just bought it and he just signed it! (Of course, it’s signed to NICK AND I, but I’m still calling it MY copy….hehe) Yes, it’s the one I’m holding up in my hands. Since we couldn’t get out to his book signing on Saturday, schedules just wouldn’t allow it no matter how much I tried to balance it out, my husband invited him down for dinner and to hang out and chat – surprise, he accepted! What a WONDERFUL time and chat we had. Even pup was excited to have another writer visiting.

Let’s see, we discussed traffic because hello, welcome to NOVA hell…vegetarianism and how to go about becoming one and why, working out, the theater, improv, the state of publishing, children, and the flow/process of writing.

I admire his focus, his internal peace with how he’s approaching his writing and the release of his writing. I haven’t yet read his book while writing this, but I’m sure I’ll be updating with a RAVE review once I’m done reading.

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