Phyxe: Goddess of Fire

Phyxe and her sisters came to me loosely at an RWA conference. The Goddess of Fire is not really known for her patience. Phyxe is pure fire. She loves to fight, live to the extremes so you can imagine that when she gets trapped on a planet without her powers, she’s more than a little ticked off. She’s about feeling and moving. Pair her up with the Lord of the Planet, square her off with a demon, and all sorts of sparks ignite.


Gaian: Goddess of Earth

Gaian’s been on the planet before, during her hunt for her sister, Phyxe. She’s blown away when she finally meets the man behind the Voice who’d held her so entralled in the rainy search. She’s only been gone awhile and all hell has broken loose on his planet. The question becomes, can she save the planet, the man, or the people…and why in all the realms of earth would she want to?

Glacial: Goddess of Water

Glacial decided that retreat would be her best option and takes shelter on a planet during a re-birth cycle. Cold and ice, and one fiery crash sets her on course with her destiny. Her past becomes her future as Demetri Skye decends on her in the most unexpected fashion.

Wystin: Goddess of Air

Wystin decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally. The story is not the one I had planned out in my head. The Goddess of Air took a trip across the known (and unknown) Universes and decided to go toe to toe with the Demon, Rais. Funny thing is, neither of them can figure out exactly where they are…

The story of the goddess of fire is a must read. It keeps your attention from start to finish and was extremely hard to put down. I highly recommend it.


I usually read about a book to a book and a half a day, and i would say that this was one of the top 10 books that I have read in the past year. I cannot wait for more in the series to come out.

Kindle Customer

A fun (hot) paranormal romance that is a great winter escape. I loved the uniqueness of the world and the story surrounding the Fire Goddess and her sisters. I was happy to find a heroine who is strong but not overbearing. She is a goddess, but flawed like the rest of us, so she is someone to whom the reader can relate. Her character grows along with the hero–they both learn from each other and their budding relationship works because of this. Great setup for the next book. I look forward to reading about the other goddesses.


Fire, it heals and burns you. That is what you will discover when you read this book. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but once you are in the story, you are taken on an amazing ride. You can feel the constant heat between the characters. Raw emotions run hide from the beginning of the story to the end.

I am a slow reader and I still read it in 11 days because everytime I set it done I was like “I wonder what is going to happen next, when can I read again?”

Thanks for a great story.

A. McKay

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