You’ve spent more time in the gym than you know what to do with. Your family might even think you’re living there now, except you come home to meal prep and sleep. You’re spot on with your nutrition (although really looking forward to getting that piece of pizza or brownie in post show). You’ve practiced posing.

But you’re still nervous about stepping on stage.

Don’t worry, many of us have been there. Even fully clothed we freak out about being on stage. It’s normal. (And for those who don’t…the rest of us will get there, give us some time!)

Many times you’ll see me backstage with competitors at the NPC Max Muscle Virginia shows in line up doing a quick breathing exercise to get the nerves down. Time and time again, my co-promoter, Corry, keeps trying to snag video of me working with everyone. Eleven shows later, we still haven’t been able to get the video done.

Instead, I’ve actually recorded a nightly session for competitors to use as they’re falling asleep. It’s about 17 minutes long. Used nightly (and never while you are operating a motor vehicle), it has the potential to help you get those last few nerves under a bit more control.

Hi Stacia – humongous thank you for a fantastic show yesterday. But a priceless thank you for the meditation stage prep fob you handed out at Shawn’s Cuties seminar in January. I honestly listened to that frequently, and it really truly settled in me and made a huge impact. Thank you so much for what may have seemed like a small add to Shawn’s group but was really a major impact for me. Thank you for offering to make a difference!! ~Kathy

Please note: I normally do sessions on an individual basis ($247 value) working expressly with YOUR concerns. This one is a general guided relaxation and may not work for everyone. I really hope it does calm some nerves and helps add to your complete stage package.



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