Urban Samurai Series



The Urban Samurai Series Book One

Authors: N.S. Kelly

Washington, DC. A city with a rich history filled with war, money, power, and corruption…

…and that isn’t including the demons.

Ichi - Book 1 in the Urban Samurai SeriesMy name is Shia Ronin. The humans who know me believe that I am a medical examiner, a simple scientist in a lab coat. Humans know so little about the realms.

I have walked the earth for nearly a thousand years since I was made into the warrior I was destined to become. My blades have claimed the lives of countless demons. My arrow has pierced the hearts of the underworld’s fiercest predators.

My sisters and I are samurai. We protect the scurrying humans who cannot see the true evils that roam the earth. My latest enemy is a Rissu demon, a ravenous creature with poisoned fangs, sharp claws, and an exoskeleton no human weapon can damage. I am the only defense between this insatiable beast and the human buffet it hopes to devour…

…or am I?

The local homicide detective, Ryan Calder, has begun to show flashes. He isn’t the typical lawman. For a man obsessed with his car and his hard rock, he seems to be able to sniff out things the other police can’t. He is, in a word, intriguing. I’ll have to keep my eyes on him, just in case he’s starting to suspect that there’s more to me than I reveal.

Keeping him close should be easy. We’re working on the same case. An innocent woman was murdered, thrown down the famous Exorcist steps in Georgetown. My initial results revealed that this fall may not have killed her, and if it did, it wasn’t the first major abuse she’s suffered. There’s more here. I just need to keep digging to find out if this is something supernatural, and keep that handsome detective off of the trail if it is.

Well, not too far…