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Book 1: The Goddess Chronicles
Phyxe: Goddess of Fire

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Phyxe: Goddess of Fire

Ether swirled in the in-between, the nether regions. Eyes of white fire gleamed from the mists. Something tugged the being closer and closer to the physical plane, pulled her from the depths of the astral, pulled her away from all that was familiar for so long. She’d spent centuries hovering, waiting to be called. Now, the calling was there, and she was almost hesitant to heed it. The change would be a painful one. Her abilities would be shifted, limited in a physical body. She would birth and grow and learn, all over again.

Energy arched through the ether, separated her lines from those that crossed the universe to blend over and through her. She felt the agony of separation. Her connections began to close off, shut down, limit her ability to reach out and touch everything in the Universe with a single thought. She screamed as flesh and blood began to form around her energy lines. The limitation, the restriction.

The pure heat of creative Fire.

Sensation after sensation tripped across the flesh and blood form that sheltered her energy. Cells, regeneration processes, a heart-beat. She would not be born into this plane the normal way. She would be set down on her path, in the path of the others she was meant to help. Her all-seeing, all-watching gaze would be limited for awhile; until she learned to work with the shell she’d been given.

She flexed her extremities in the ether. Naked, skin formed last. The body she’d been given was finely muscled, not an ounce of fat.

She looked.

She was proportionate. Neither too small nor too big, although perhaps, it was all relative when she was next to another being. She flexed her fingers, marveled as a thought caused movement in this body. It would take some time, adjustment to a body rather than moving and being with only a thought. She lifted a foot, still hovering in a physical form in the astral plane.

“She will do well on this plane.”

“She would do well on any plane. She has learned much and has much to offer the Universe.”

“Will she survive the changes?”

“She has survived in the past. She will survive now. She will continue to survive in the future.”

She hovered, her head tilted, listened as the voices echoed around and through her. It was different, hearing them both outside and within. Before, they just were, as she was. Now, there was a dichotomy. A difference. Perhaps it came with the physical form.

“She will need time to adjust to her new form.”

“She will have time, a very short time. What she does with the time we’re able to give her will be up to her. Her memories will always hover just below the surface. She will eventually remember her other incarnations. First, she will forget. To give her the chance to make a choice.”

“Yes, she must always have a choice.”

“She will. She is a fighter. She will make a choice, and destiny for those with her will unfold.”

She listened and absorbed, buried what information she could deep within her, ready to tap into it when and how she could. This was not the first time, nor the last, she’d been called to the physical plane. It was the nature of her being. When called on by the forces, she descended. It had just been so very long ago since she’d been called. The pain receded, and her body finished and formed. Still in the ether, she felt cocooned in the warm mists. She would miss this realm until she returned. She wondered, briefly as her senses sharpened, what this realm would bring her to this time. It changed and evolved each time she was called. Her curiosity always drew her back.

It was the becoming she could do without.

And, the ending wasn’t always anything she enjoyed either.

“It is time.”

“Yes, she must descend. The timing is right and the forces are aligning.”

“Walk the path you must our daughter. We will embrace you again when you’ve finished your task on this plane.”

Her lips moved, a voice formed, “Thank you, mother. Thank you, father.”

Phyxe and her sisters came to me loosely at an RWA conference. It must have been 2005? I’d finished my book Feral Fires and was looking to pitch it at the conference. During one of the sessions, an idea came to me about a Snow Queen/Goddess … that was the beginning of the Goddess Chronicles. I took a picture of the actual note for you. :) Glacial was the first character to come to me, but Phyxe soon took over, as she often does. The Goddess of Fire is not really known for her patience. So, that November, after a motorcycle accident, during NANOWRIMO, I knocked out the draft of Phyxe in about 2 1/2 weeks—broken collarbone and all. I was feeling a little angry with myself, so I think it helped to fuel the story. Phyxe is pure fire. She loves to fight, live to the extremes so you can imagine that when she gets trapped on a planet without her powers, she’s more than a little ticked off. (Yes, I’m sure my being trapped in a sling with limited movement had a lot to do with the storyline too.) She’s about feeling and moving. Pair her up with the Lord of the Planet, square her off with a demon, and all sorts of sparks ignite.

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