It all began with pencil and paper. I used to create these fantastical stories as a child. And then, my mother taught me to write.

It’s always been about the paranormal, the other things out there. It’s no wonder my health focus evolved into studying and sharing holistically.

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I started studying fitness & nutrition in early 2000. I was worried about being able to have children and wanted to be in the best shape I ever could. I started down the path of study…and eventually earned my PhD in Holistic Health.

I have built a successful career coaching others on holistic health, and I’ve written several books to help you with your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Now, I am not an MD. I’m not linked to the FDA or any of those other regulatory affairs. What I do/research/test/try, I do to ME first…and then I share it with you. The things, in any of my books, that I recommend or comment on, I’ve tried. Or, I tell you when I haven’t, but others have seen success.

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You can find my fiction work with the Goddess Chronicles here. And, the Urban Samurai series here.