Every year, at the start of the year, we have a little fun with some magazines, scissors and glue. Lately, we’ve been hosting Vision Board parties for friends who’ve never made or used them. It’s a fun night of snacks and wine too. (I’ve seen a few who offer mimosas and cupcakes!)

Get Started!

Collect as many magazines as you can, or, if you have a mom like mine, just go take a stack of hers. She’ll never know they’re missing. Find some inspirational words/quotes in fancy fonts and print them out. Dig up the colored pens/pencils. And all those glue sticks that migrate to the one kitchen drawer? Pull those out too. It’s up to you what size poster board you want to use. I usually pick up several 11×18 sized ones to have on hand. Some people have a hard time picking out things they want to put on their board so they tend to want a smaller space to work with. Others enjoying the heck out of the process and want to cover every inch of white space. Hint: There is no right or wrong here.

Dreaming big can be a scary thing!

While you can do this on your own, I highly recommend getting a group of friends together and turning it into a party. (See the mimosa & cupcakes comment above.)

Now What?

Now, you get to revisit those skills you learned in Kindergarten. Go through the magazines and find images that speak to things your want to see manifest in your life.

  • A vacation you want to take.
  • A car you want to own.
  • A new house you’ve been looking at.
  • The next step in your educations.
  • Advancement at work.

You get the idea? Find words that resonate or draw them out. Unleash that inner creative being and play with the board. Draw on it. Glue stuff to it. Have fun with it. And if you are creating it with friends, share some of your ideas. You never know. You might spark an idea for someone else.

Then, keep that board somewhere you can see it daily. Let your subconscious start to help figure out how to manifest some of those things in your life. When you can get your subconscious mind aligned with your conscious – you have a powerful tool to work with and amazing things begin to happen.




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