A Flat Belly in One MoveWant to magically transform your abdomen area, but you’ve been trying every exercise and still no luck with the pesky belly fat?

Today’s post is a quick method to get that flat belly in one fast move a day.

Flat Abs In & Out of the Kitchen

I have tried so many training programs over the years that it has become really hard to target my abs and continue to see results. Normal sit-ups are great, so are crunches and v-ups.

But I did a little bit of research for my own training and came across the GHD Sit-Up from CrossFit. This particular exercise is to train the core and develop power on the front of the hips. It’s also horrible on your back (especially if your back is still a weak point) and very unsafe to do on your own. You can read an article on the pros and cons of the movement here.

You can see a demonstration of proper form in the video below.

Since I train on my own (mostly) I started looking at alternative ways to modify it so that I could gain the benefits of strengthening my hip flexors and not put additional stress on my spine. Also, we don’t have the piece of equipment he’s using, and I felt that I needed a spotter to do it that way.

My Method

Instead, I decided I’d test out doing a similar movement using the Stability Ball with my feet pushed up against the wall. Presto! Success! The key to the movement is laying backwards over the ball and pulling yourself up, curling over tucking your hands between your knees to touch the floor.

Home Gym w_ Stability Ball copy

(As you can tell, this is not a professional fitness shoot 😉 Just a quick snapshot in the home gym.)

If you’re doing this for the first time, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT do a lot of them! Start small, 3 sets of 5, and work your way up to larger sets. You will be feeling them the next day. And, probably for several days after. With practice and time, you’ll start seeing a more streamlined definition along your abs.

Of course, nutrition plays a key role in all of it. If you’d like helping in figuring the best nutrition plan for your body and lifestyle, send me a quick email – staciakelly@gmail.com – and we’ll make some time to talk and plan!








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