Hidden IngredientsWhy do I get so bloated after eating? Or, I went to a party and had something my body absolutely hated.

Today is a quick post on what the potential causes are and some fixes.

Food Journal to Identify Triggers

Usually, I ask clients to keep a food journal for a few days to see what foods seem to be triggering any physical, mental, or emotional response. We don’t count calories. We simply log what time we ate, what we ate and how we felt about 30 minutes later. (Sometimes I ask to list the people you were eating with too as relationships can be toxic and completely change our response to a meal too.)

Our bodies are so full of toxins that we can be reacting to foods differently than we did as children or teens, or even just a few years ago.

And, even more challenging are the Hidden Ingredients in foods that we don’t even think about.

A Personal Lesson

Here’s a little story about how much hidden ingredients can affect your body and your day.

I stopped by one of our local community coffee shops for a series of meetings on one of my Monday Meeting days. It’s a gorgeous place. Free wi-fi. Custom coffees. Even the iced tea is fresh brewed by the cup. Two days a week a local company runs learning classes for the little ones in one of their rooms. The train schedule is on one of the main TVs since the train station is right across the street. (And now, it’s got a PokeStop too.) It truly is a community space.

I thought it would a be a great idea to try something new. The Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel sandwich was delicious. The results about 30 minutes after I’d eaten it? Not so great. I couldn’t keep anything in my system except water for the next 12 hours. What had I reacted to? I’m usually fine with Cheddar Cheese, so I can only assume, based on my physical response, was that there was more than just the cheddar in it, but perhaps some full milk as well.

I can’t break down milk enzymes. That means that while aged/hard cheeses are okay, I can’t have milk, American Cheese or whey proteins. This makes me an avid label reader. But, in a novelty place, one has to go on a best guess.

I’d guessed wrong.

Can you imagine what that did to my entire body for the day, not to mention my ability to conduct my meetings? It wasn’t devastating, but it was very inconvenient.

For You

Do yourself a favor…keep a food journal for a few days. Listen to what your body is telling you about your meals. And, when you’re ready to make some changes? I’m happy to help! Or, point you in some directions to find some other resources to help.





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