Looking to lose weight? Looking to gain lean muscle? Or do you just want to feel better and look good? Use your mind to visualize it.

This post will show you how to use your mind on a daily basis to help you to achieve the body you want. (You may want to share this with your friends too!)

Visualize It!

I have long been a proponent of using Visualization to achieve things in my life. From ‘seeing myself’ going through every motion and step for a marital arts kata (form), to yoga poses, to even visualizing a healthy pregnancy, I have used visualization in all parts of my life. Highly successful athletes and business people will tell you the same thing. They visualize everything they’re doing both on the court and off to achieve the successes they’ve achieved. You can bet Michael Jordan spent just as much time in his head seeing his shots on the net as he did on the court making those shots!

“Mirror neurons are a relatively new area of study in neurology, and they seem to allow us to improve our abilities not only by watching other people perform them, but also by visualizing ourselves performing them. Some studies indicate that experienced weight lifters can increase muscle mass through vivid visualization sessions and mirror neurons get the credit for why this is possible. In many ways, the brain can’t tell the difference between a vivid visualization and the actual experience.” ~ Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning

It’s really very easy. Simply find a spot to sit quietly and close your eyes. And yes, if you can only do this for five minutes. Use that five minutes.

What to visualize?

If you’re trying to build a new healthy habit, say going to the gym daily…picture yourself in your workout clothes at the gym working out. If you’re focusing on eating healthier, then picture healthy options on your plate. See yourself enjoying the meal. Feel how much better your body feels. Picture all the things you want to do in life with your healthier body and feel yourself doing them.

Don’t picture your results. Picture the actions, the movements you’re making. The actions you’re taking.

  • Lifting the weights
  • Flowing into the yoga poses
  • Drinking your water
  • Getting up to refill your water
  • Eating a healthy meal
  • Preparing a healthy meal
  • Going out for a walk, enjoying mother nature
  • Taking your supplements
  • Swimming, biking, jogging…moving

Pretty soon, you’re going to find that you’re out there doing it. Pretty cool? It’s very cool once you realize how much power your mind has to help or hinder you. Wouldn’t it be better to have it helping you achieve those health goals?

Here are some additional resources for you:

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