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I am constantly asked how I get everything done in a day, much less find time to write. So today, I thought I’d share a few things that help me create the time and find the focus to get the words on the page (screen).

Project Management

I’ve been working at moving to a more digital office space – paper gets overwhelming and hard drive space is so much cheaper than storage space. As such, my new favorite program is 17hats. It’s a project management, people management, to-do lists and invoicing program all rolled into one. (It actually does a lot more than that, but those are the top aspects of the program I’ve been using.) With all the things that go on in our daily lives it’s nice to have one place to help me stay organized on any number of projects I have going.

Writing Management

I have any number of writing projects going on at once. Blog posts. Fiction. Non-Fiction. My favorite tool that helps me out the most is Scrivener. I have carefully transferred all my stories into their own Scrivener files. I have over 38 books in various forms now on my hard drive. And, that’s not counting the non-fiction ones. What I haven’t found is something to track all the stories in their various stages. I actually use it to write blog posts too.

Desk Management

I write in various places. During the day, you can find me with my laptop at Starbucks or in the home office on the large iMac. In the evenings, my desk tends to be the couch with the laptop again. Each space has a different setup. If I’m out and about, the laptop (MacBook) and I are hooked up to WiFi and earbuds and either music or some sort of background noise that lets me tune everyone out. The home office has a minimalist feel. I figure with a more minimalist desk and work space (check the link for some COOL desks), it frees up desk space for Office Kitten and his habit of sleeping as close to me as he can get during the day. Let’s face it, he’s outgrowing my lap – he’s getting to be a BIG kitten. I keep trying to teach him to stay off the desk, but he’s fearless and cute, and he just purrs his fool head off at you. I try to keep things on the desk that I only use on a daily basis. Sometimes though, the paper takes over and I have to go through and do a purge.

Time Management

I always block off time on my calendar to work on specific writing projects. It’s best if I set a deadline. I have both a physical day planner, my current love is Passion Planner in the compact size, and my Google Calendar. My Passion Planner is the one I keep with me during the day – I also journal in it and doodle. My digital calendar is what helps me stay on time with my meetings 😀 I love that the reminders pop up across all my devices.

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