Happy New Year!

As with the start of every new year, it’s time for me to focus and get energized for all the upcoming projects and events. 2016 is no different. And this year, I am going to make a concentrated effort to make sure I’m back to blogging in a more regular fashion! I looked back over the posts here and realized how lax I’ve been in posting and keeping everyone up to date on all the health and wellness topics I’ve been working on and sharing with others in a one to one fashion. But, that one to one focus doesn’t help YOU, the larger audience who visits. So, one of my commitments for 2016 is to be better at sharing here. Of course, that also means I have to keep up with topics over at www.strengthandgrace.org where Corry Matthews and I are blogging about the efforts of returning to the bodybuilding stage after 10 years. You can follow all the nutrition and training trials (and the craziness that is our lives during this effort).

Begin at Zero

Then, there are the books that need to hit the digital shelves this year too! Gaian, the Goddess of Earth, is in edit mode. Glacial, Goddess of Water, is ready to go through edits. Wystin, Goddess of Air, well….she’s stuck in another realm and giving me the devil of a time trying to figure out where her story is going. And if you switch realms, Ryan and Shia are battling it out on the futuristic streets of DC. Once the beta readers are done with Ni, then it’s off for final edits and publishing.

That’s just the fiction!

This year is going to have a theme to it as well. This is the first year I’m attempting this. #FEARLESS – that’s the theme I’m going with. It’s going to be my reminder to think outside the box and step outside of my comfort zone. If you’d like to join me on this endeavor, please don’t hesitate in using the hashtag everywhere too! It helped me get over my own fears about being in a new city on my own a couple of weeks ago. We were in New York City for a Dr. Oz show taping and I had a day to myself to wander around. Normally, I wouldn’t step foot outside of my hotel unless I was with someone or very knowledgeable about the place. Instead, I picked a gym to visit and decided to set out on foot.

I had a blast!

Our hotel was in the Lower West side of Manhattan, Chinatown to be exact. I was well equipped with my iPhone and Google Maps. I only got myself turned around a few times on the way to the gym, and then purposefully set out to explore on my way back. I found the Seaport District and a lovely store called the Salty Paw. Yes, Emma got spoiled with some Christmas gifts…you can’t come home from NYC without something leather 😉 So, Santa brought her a leather coat with a hood, perfect for the winter we are finally starting to have.

The Salty Paw, Seaport District, Manhattan, New York

The Salty Paw, Seaport District, Manhattan, New York

I even managed to get myself back to our hotel without panicking and calling a cab.

That’s just the start for my #fearless focus this year. Follow me on Instagram @staciadkelly and Twitter @StaciaKelly to keep up with the antics this year.

PS – If you’d like an accountability buddy, I’m currently matching people up based on their intentions and goals for the year. It’ll be an ongoing process. Don’t let fear stand in your way. There is a way to accomplish your goals, you may just need someone on the outside to help you find the bigger picture. I know I did when I started out.

PSS – If you’d like to do a slow start to getting your health back on track, you can check out Reduce You on Amazon. It’s the starting point for all of my clients.

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