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Building a Home for Ms. Georgia

The Ultimate Black Belt Test and our association called The One Hundred holds a yearly “Convention”, consisting of going to one of the poorest counties in America and building a house for someone in need. We will be sleeping on the floor of a church and showering at a local high school. But that is not all, we will get to attend classes with some of the greatest leaders of community activism in the country. They will be teaching us how to help our community through projects that our Studio can do. So this convention is going to help our School and our Community! This is what a Martial Arts studio should be about. We practice respect and giving our best in the studio, but how do we take that out into our community? This is what we will be learning at the Alabama Project.

We are raising funds to participate with Hero Housing in this worthwhile project. We will be building an energy efficient home for Ms. Georgia (an elderly lady who’s home was ruined by hurricane Katrina). The money she will save on energy will go to pay her mortgage! It is an outstanding, proven program that Hero Housing has had in place for a number of years.

I am asking everyone to give just a little, as I’d like to raise and donate a total of $2000 to the project. A little, from a lot of us, will get the job done (It’s called crowd-funding). If we can get 40 of our students to go out and get $5 from 10 different people (the price of a cup of coffee) we will hit our goal! This develops leadership skills in our students and will count as a project at LeadershipStudents.com!


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