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Thank you, thank you. You are a jewel, Stacia.

I cannot wait to see what the other changes we discussed bring me in terms of peace and empowerment. I love my job, but there is always an element of anxiety. You are helping me release that and take back my power.

Thankyouthankyou!!! I’m happy dancing even though you can’t fully appreciate the visual. :))))



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Basic Balance Package

  •  Basic Balance Coaching Package

  • Our Basic Balance Coaching package is for those who either testing out the waters to see if they can sustain a healthier lifestyle for a month or those who already know what they’re doing and want a support network of like minded people. Some of our clients also travel too much to keep to a steady coaching timetable, and this pack serves them better than most as they can check in as their time allows.
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Sunstone Balance Package

limited availability
  • Sunstone Balance
  • Our Sunstone Balance Coaching packages are for those individuals looking for an intense focus on where they need to spend their time in their lives and how to balance it all. We streamline as much as possible with fitness, nutrition, stress management and a target focus on getting things done in your work life without impacting your home life.
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