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A priceless thank you for the meditation stage prep (Rock the Stage) fob you handed out at Shawn’s Cuties seminar in January. I honestly listened to that frequently and it really truly settled in me and made a huge impact. Thank you so much for what may have seemed like a small add to Shawn’s group but was really a major impact for me. Thank you for offering to make a difference!!


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Thank you, thank you. You are a jewel, Stacia.

I cannot wait to see what the other changes we discussed bring me in terms of peace and empowerment. I love my job, but there is always an element of anxiety. You are helping me release that and take back my power.

Thankyouthankyou!!! I’m happy dancing even though you can’t fully appreciate the visual. :))))



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You are the best at pointing me in the right direction and have been great for kicking me in the butt and making sure I get it all done and stay on point.


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